Creativity and imagination through Rangoli On the eve of Diwali!!!!

The students of grade 6th, 7th and 8th to express their creativity and imagination through Rangoli. 
The atrium and reception of Presidium Indirapuram was lined with colourful 
expressions of students immersed in the activity. What came out was a splash 
of vibrant and beautiful shapes,colours and emotions.

The National Cyber Olympiads(NCO) next level achievers!!!

Congratulations to The National Cyber Olympiads(NCO)  next level achievers.

11 Next Level Achiever and their ranks are mentioned below:

 Pranav Gupta of grade  3  got school rank  1 and state rank  35.

 Shreyas Shrivastava of grade  3  got school rank 2 and state rank 89.

Dhruv Gehlot of grade  3  got school rank 3 and state rank 105.

Shanya of grade  3  got school rank  5th and state rank  1 16

Taran Adarsh of grade  5  got school rank 2 and state rank 21

Rishit Nagar of grade 5  got school rank  3 and state rank  22

Devashish Sinha of grade  5  got school rank 4 and state rank  64

Sommaiya Angrish of grade  5  got school rank  5 and state rank  118

Saksham Premi of grade  6  got school rank  1 and state rank  87

Eshan Srivastava  of grade  6  got school rank 2 and state rank 106

Anindya Rajan  of grade  8  got school rank 1 and state rank  75

Talented Presidians at Indirapuram Public School !!!

Children of Presidium Indirapuram won laeurels in various competetions in Indirapuram
Public School.

1)IInd Prize in Snakes and Ladders     –    Krishang Kumar     and      Kovid Agarawal   (GRADE II) 

2)Ist Prize in Math Quest    –         Indraneil Sengupta , Ninaad Saxena  and Sommaiya Angrish (GRADE III-V)

3)Ist Prize in Cultural Bonanza  –       Rishika Agarwal ,Vedant Laur ,Prisma Uppal and Vatsal Maheshwari(GRADE  VI-VIII)

4)Ist Prize in Katha Vachan –   Tanisha Khanna ,Vertika Jaiswal ,Saksham Premi,Ishika Choudhary ,Muskan Bhardwaj,
Lisha Kalra,Vibhuti Sharma ,Ayushi Mishra (GRADE   V-VI   )

The Investiture Ceremony 2013 !!!

The Investiture Ceremony 2013 witnessed young leaders of Presidium honoured with prestigious positions of the Presidium’s Student Council by the dignified fraternity including respected Chairperson, Mrs. Sudha Gupta.


Independence Day Celebration at Presidium, IP

Presidium Indirapuram celebrated Independence Day on August 14, 2013 with great fun- fare and patriotic  fervor. The occasion was graced by the esteemed presence of our chairperson, Ms. Sudha Gupta. About 150 children participated  in the colourful  cultural feast.

The programme commenced with the flag hoisting by Ma’am , followed by a Dandi March by grade I students. Ojas (Grade-I) spoke about the relevance of Dandi March in today’s context.

  • The eighth Note Academy performed an instrumental patriotic musical extravaganza which left the audience mesmerized.
  • The tiny-tots of Mother’s Pride stole everyone’s heart  by their dance performance on the song “ Rang de Basanti”.
  • The Ring Side View Academy paid homage to the freedom fighters ( Rani Lakshmi Bai and Gandhiji) through an impressive theatrical presentation. This inspirational act left the students awestruck.
  • The Big League Academy displayed the students agility and physical fitness through a  flawless skating and pyramid  building performance. The skaters paid tribute to the martyrs on wheels and the pyramid performance left all spell bound.
  • The Rhythm of The Soul Academy brought alive the patriotic spirit through their dexterous and graceful movements.  The dance displayed the rich cultural heritage and showcased Unity in diversity.
  • The programme culminated with a medley of patriotic songs. The melodious voices and mellifluous cords left everyone encaptured.

The highlight of the show was the comparing. The anchors from classes VI-VIII enthralled the audience with their confidence and vibrance.

Sudha  Ma’am praised the performance of the students. In her inspirational speech she shared with the students, the importance of freedom and the role of students in Independent India. Ma’am emphasized on the holistic development of the students by providing an effective education, which Presidium endeavours to do.

200 IPD IPP GP 140813

214 IPD IPP GP 140813

226 IPD IPP GP 140813

268 IPD IPP GP 140813 (1)

308 IPD IPP GP 140813

316 IPD IPP GP 140813

419 IPD IPP GP 140813

471 IPD IPP GP 140813

525 IPD IPP GP 140813

557 IPD IPP GP 140813

628 IPD IPP GP 140813

660 IPD IPP GP 140813

678 IPD IPP GP 140813

689 IPD IPP GP 140813

764 IPD IPP GP 140813 769 IPD IPP GP 140813

French and Spanish Fiesta Presidium, Indirapuram!!!

French and Spanish Fiesta Presidium, Indirapuram celebrated French and Spanish Fiesta on 21st August 2013. 60students from grade IV – VIII participated in the colourful fest which left the audience mesmerized.

The fiesta had a rainbow of cultural programmes which gave the audience a glimpse of French and Spanish culture. The students of grade IV extended a warm welcome by French and Spanish poems sung beautifully in their melodious voices.

The students of grade VI-VIII recreated magical and breath taking music of famous performer ‘David Guetta ‘through instrumental band performance. The students of grade IV_ V dressed themselves as famous personalities of France and Spain and shared information about the character they were portraying.

The Presidians set the stage on fire through a scintillating Latin dance performance. The audience just couldn’t stop tapping their feet. The students of grade VI-VIII left everyone enamored by breathtaking ball dance performance on the famous tale of Cindrella and the Can dance from France.

The fashion show brought Paris live in front of our eyes. The budding models of Presidium walked all the way from Paris to spread their magic. The anchors forced the audience to wear their thinking caps and answer their riddles.

The programme culminated with Presidians sharing interesting information about France and Spain

The audience also got a chance to explore and experience the ambience and the mouth watering food of France and Spain in the food stalls organized by our enthusiastic students.Such programmes give our students a global exposure and an effective platform to showcase their talents.

282 FD IPP GP 210813

304 FD IPP GP 210813

384 FD IPP GP 210813

257 FD IPP GP 210813

125 FD IPP GP 210813

127 FD IPP GP 210813

140 FD IPP GP 210813

199 FD IPP GP 210813

089 FD IPP GP 210813

087 FD IPP GP 210813